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October 12, 1998

Gary McLeod Calls Clyburn a Clinton Clone

In Response to Clyburn's vote against presidential impeachment inquiry, GOP 6 District Congressional Candidate Gary McLeod said, "I am not surprised. Clyburn is a Clinton clone who votes in lock-step with him nearly 100% of the time. He voted for homosexuals in the military, same sex marriage benefits, partial-birth abortion, the Brady Bill, the assault weapons ban and cast the deciding vote for Clinton's 1993 Budget (the largest tax increase in history) - to name a few. Clyburn even sounds like his friend when he tries to explain his recent vote", said McLeod.

According to the Florence MORNING NEWS of Oct 10, 1998 Clyburn said, "This charade posing as an investigation had gone on long enough. I view this charade to carry out a political agenda, no real objective American can say its something we ought to be doing." McLeod agrees that "this is not something we ought to be doing because we never should have put what Jesse Jackson called 'an appetite in a suit' in office in the first place. The reason it has gone on so long and will continue is because Clinton refuses to tell the truth and accept responsibility for his own actions."

Clyburn also said, "Clinton's lies were not perjury because they were not material to the case in question". McLeod disagrees, "The Jones case was about sexual harrasment between then Governor Clinton and a government employee. Clinton was alleged to have asked Mrs. Jones to do the same sex act that Lewinski (also a government employee) admitted to. The disparity of power in both cases were also the same. This pattern of behavior and its cover-up could not have been more material. If Clyburn truly believed Clinton innocent why did he vote against the release of the Starr Report and why did he vote against the inquiry?"

As to Clyburn's remarks, "I don't know of anybody that hasn't lied about sex. Everybody can lie about sex". McLeod said, "He must be judging others as he sees himself or he needs to keep better company. Of course, Clyburn is certainly in the right party to know a lot of liars. Their party has been promoting the lies of socialism and humanism since FDR's New Deal of the 1930's while ignoring God's Law and the U.S. Constitution."

McLeod prays that, "The people of the 6th District and the rest of America will soon come to the realization that character does count".


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