McLeod vs. Clyburn

Jim Clyburn was elected in 1992 after racial gerrymandering made the district 65% black. I started running against him in 1994 because of his support of Clinton's homosexuals in the military, attempted take-over of Health Care, the largest tax increase in history, and anything else that Clinton wanted.

I recognized Clinton's promotion of socialism and humanism and I believed him to be the most dangerous President to the Republic since F.D.R. I said then that I thought Clinton was a pot-smoking, draft-dodging, womanizing, con-artist. Today, I hold a much lower opinion of him. However, I am not as surprised from his actions as I am from those who, like my opponent, continue to support him.

Allen Keyes (one of my heroes) has said that people support Clinton not in spite of his weaknesses but because of them. They want his behavior to be accepted so that "We The People" can more easily be convinced that government needs to take a greater role in our lives because The People, like Clinton, lack the character to care for themselves.

I ran against Clyburn in 94, 96, and 98, and have not yet raised enough money to expose his voting record (less than $65,000 total). I am convinced that he will loose here in the Bible Belt if his anti-Christian voting record is exposed.

Unlike the Republican elite who refuse to support me because I am not black, I do not believe that a black republican has a better chance of beating a black democrat. I demonstrated that Clyburn could be beaten by winning a straw poll conducted at Stall High School which is more than 65% black. I believe it is a problem of party not color. I was told by several of the students there that my win was the result of my explanation of some Constitutional issues and my opposition to partial-birth-abortion.

Clyburn and I have debated several times. The only thing that we agree on is the fact that we are in total disagreement on every single issue. Keep this in mind as you look at his voting record below.

Performance Evaluations by Special Interest Groups

For James Clyburn 6th District SC

 Issue Area                Percentage    Evaluating Organization

 Gun Issues                  F      Gun Owners of America
 Seniors                     0%     The 60 Plus Association 
 Abortion                    0%     National Right to Life Committee 
 Social Policy               0%     The Libertarian Party (Freedom)
 Business                    0%     Business-Industry Political Action Committee
 Gun Issues                  0%     National Rifle Association
 Property                    0%     League of Private Property Voters 
 Farm (Agriculture)          0%     Competitive Enterprise Institute (Farm)
 Taxes/Spending              0%     Competitive Enterprise Institute (Taxes)
 Taxes/Spending              4%     Competitive Enterprise Institute (Spending) 
 Environment                 4%     Competitive Enterprise Institute
 Conservative                5%     American Conservative Union
 Taxes/Spending              6%     Competitive Enterprise Institute (Budget)
 Taxes/Spending             13%     Citizens Against Government Waste
 Christian Family Issues    14%     Christian Coalition
 Farm                       14%     American Farm Bureau Federation 
 Taxes / Spending           15%     National Tax-Limitation Committee                                              
 Taxes / Spending           17%     National Taxpayers Union
 Economic Policy            18%     The Republican Liberty Caucus
 Populist                   20%     Liberty Lobby 
 Contractors                20%     Associated Builders & Contractors
 Defense/Foreign 1993-1994  20%     American Security Council 
 Conservative               23%     Conservative Index
 Immigration                24%     American Immigration Control 
 Business                   25%     U.S. Chamber of Commerce
 Defense/Foreign            25%     Peace Action
 Women                      25%     Concerned Women for America 
 Business                   27%     National Federation of Independent Business
 Regulation                 29%     Competitive Enterprise Institute 
 Libertarian                30%     The Libertarian Party  
 Taxes / Spending           32%     Concord Coalition
 Education                 100%     National Education Association 
 Poverty                   100%     Bread for the World
 Social Policy             100%     Zero Population Growth
 Abortion /Family Planning 100%     National Abortion Reproductive Rights Action League
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