Clyburn's Anti-Christian voting record


Promoting an Alternative Agenda

  • Rep. Clyburn opposed a constitutional amendment declaring that marriage shall only consist of the union of one man and one woman. (Vote 484, 9/30/04)

  • With same-sex marriage a reality in Massachusetts, House Republicans passed the Marriage Protection Act. This bill prevents federal courts from striking down a provision in the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) pertaining to no state being required to accept same-sex marriage licenses granted in another state. Rep. Clyburn joined 175 other Democrats and voted against protecting marriage. (Vote 410, 7/22/04)

  • Rep. Clyburn supported an order by the Washington, DC Commission on Human Rights to reinstate two homosexual Boy Scout leaders and compensate them $50,000 each. (Vote 354, 9/25/01)

  • Clyburn voted against an amendment to ban the spending of local funds to extend city employees’ health benefits to unmarried domestic partners. (Vote 352, 9/25/01)

  • Rep. Clyburn voted against an amendment to prevent joint adoption of children in Washington, DC by homosexuals or other individuals not related or married. (Vote 346, 7/29/99)

  • Voted to use federal taxpayer dollars to enforce a local ordinance that required private companies doing business within the City of San Francisco to provide health care benefits to unmarried domestic partners of their workers. (Vote 349, 7/29/98)

  • Voted to enforce an executive amendment that prohibits federal agencies from discriminating against anyone because of sexual preference. In essence, this bill awarded extra protection based on lifestyle choice. (Vote 398, 8/5/98)

  • Voted against revoking Washington, DC laws, which extend at taxpayer expense health insurance for unmarried "domestic partners" of city workers. (Vote 759, 11/1/95)

  • Voted against the ban on homosexuals in the military. Rep. Clyburn voted in favor of striking provisions in a bill codifying the ban and letting Clinton and his advisors force the military to accept their social-engineering agenda. (Vote 460, 9/28/93)

  • Voted against prohibiting the use of public funds to enforce Washington, DC's "Domestic Partners Act" which gives group health insurance privileges to "partners" of unmarried individuals employed by the District of Columbia. (Vote 313, 6/30/93)

NO Rights for the Unborn

    • Rep. Clyburn voted many times against a ban on partial-birth abortions despite language allowing for the procedure to be performed if the mother's life is endangered. (Vote 242, 6/4/03)
      Vote 325, 7/23/1998   Vote 65, 3/20/1997   Vote 756, 11/1/1995   Vote 104, 4/5/2000   Vote 343, 7/24/2002

    • Rep. Clyburn voted to add language to a partial-birth abortion ban that would have created such a large loophole that few, if any, partial-birth abortions would be prevented. (Vote 103, 4/5/00)

    Democrats Want to Fund Abortions with Taxpayer Funds

    Some Americans argue that a woman should have the right to an abortion, while others believe that taking the life of an unborn baby is wrong. Either way a large majority of Americans do not believe their tax dollars should be used to provide abortions.

    • The U.N. Population Fund has supported China and its barbaric family-planning policies of coerced abortions. Such support is morally abhorrent, and taxpayer money should not flow unmitigated to such an organization. This is why an amendment was introduced to strike $25 million in funding for the U.N. Population Fund. Sadly, Rep. Clyburn did not support the amendment. (Vote 362, 7/15/03)

    • Rep. Clyburn voted to use taxpayer money to fund family planning organizations that provide abortions, offer abortion counseling, or lobby other nations for abortions. (Vote 115, 5/16/01)

    • Rep. Clyburn voted in favor of using taxpayer money to fund health care plans for federal employees that cover abortion inducing drugs. (Vote 292, 7/16/98)

    • Rep. Clyburn voted to use taxpayer money to fund development of an abortion pill.
              Vote 173, 6/8/1999          Vote 260, 6/24/1998          Vote 373, 7/10/2000

    • Rep. Clyburn voted to allow federal taxpayer funding of abortions for federal prisoners.
              Vote 387, 8/4/1998     Vote 447, 9/25/1997     Vote 373, 8/4/1999     Vote 318, 6/22/2000     Vote 235, 7/17/2001

    • Rep. Clyburn voted in favor of allowing abortions at taxpayer-funded overseas military hospitals/facilities.
              Vote 171, 5/20/1998          Vote 642, 9/7/1995          Vote 184, 6/9/1999          Vote 203, 5/18/2000
              Vote 357, 9/25/2001          Vote 153, 5/10/2002        Vote 215, 5/22/2003         Vote 197, 5/19/2004

    • Rep. Clyburn voted in favor of allowing the District of Columbia to use local funds for the use of abortions.
              Vote 408, 8/6/1998          Vote 332, 7/22/1996

    • Rep. Clyburn voted to permit subsidization of foreign non-governmental or multinational organizations, which directly or indirectly perform abortions. This runs counter to the "Mexico City" policy.
              Vote 350, 5/24/1995    Vote 433, 6/28/1995    Vote 363, 9/4/1997    Vote 349, 7/29/1999    Vote 396, 7/13/2000

    • Rep. Clyburn voted to use taxpayer funds for extending abortion coverage in federal employees' health care plans.
              Vote 301, 7/15/1999          Vote 288, 7/16/1998          Vote 422, 7/20/2000

    • Rep. Clyburn voted against establishing a violent crime against a pregnant woman’s unborn child as a separate criminal act. (Vote 31, 2/26/04) No terms in the bill can be construed to apply to consensual abortions.
    • Rep. Clyburn also supported a left-wing substitute version of the bill, which did not distinguish fetuses and just enhanced penalties for violence against pregnant women. (Vote 30, 2/26/04)

    • Voted against establishing separate criminal penalties for a violent crime against a pregnant woman's unborn child.
              Vote 465, 9/30/1999

    • Voted to make assault on a pregnant woman a federal crime. It did not distinguish for a fetus.
              Vote 88, 4/26/2001

    Parental Notification

    • Rep. Clyburn voted against making it a crime for anyone other than a minor's parent to transport a minor across state lines without parental approval for the purpose of having an abortion.
              Vote 261, 6/30/1999          Vote 280, 7/15/1998

    • Voted against requiring that federally-funded family planning clinics receive parental approval before providing a minor with contraceptives. (Vote 504, 10/8/98)

    • Voted against an amendment requiring Title X clinics to give parents 48-hour notice before performing an abortion on a minor. (Vote 106, 3/25/93)


    • Rep. Clyburn voted against an amendment to an HIV/AIDS assistance package stipulating that one-third of all prevention funding go towards abstinence programs. (Vote 157, 5/1/03)

    • Rep. Clyburn voted against an amendment to add $33 million to community-based abstinence education programs. (Vote 379, 10/11/01)

    Human Cloning

    Like out of a science fiction novel, the reality of human cloning is upon us. Now, it is up to us to make the responsible ethical and moral decisions for the future.

    • Rep. Clyburn voted against a complete ban on human cloning for either reproduction or medical research. The legislation also sets civil and criminal penalties for doing such. (Vote 39, 2/27/03)

    • Rep. Clyburn voted to allow embryonic cloning for the purpose of medical research. Outright human cloning for the purpose of reproduction would have been forbidden under this measure. (Vote 302, 7/31/01)

    • Rep. Clyburn voted to allow embryonic cloning for the purpose of medical research. Outright human cloning for the purpose of reproduction would have been forbidden under this measure. (Vote 37, 2/27/03)

    Religious Liberties

    • Voted to prohibit organizations receiving federal Community Service Block Grant funds from hiring on a religious basis and requiring them to act in a “lawful and secular” manner. (Vote 17, 2/4/04)

    • Voted to make religious organizations receiving federal Community Service Block Grant funds to conduct religious activities separately and make it voluntary for program participants. (Vote 16, 2/4/04)

    • Voted to make organizations receiving federal Community Service Block Grant funds to qualify religion as non-discrimination criteria in hiring. (Vote 15, 2/4/04)

    • Voted against allowing faith-based organizations, which operate Head Start programs, to use religion as a factor in hiring teachers. (Vote 441, 7/25/03)

    • Voted against amending the tax code to allow religious organizations to engage in political campaign activities and still maintain tax exempt status. (Vote 429, 10/2/02)

    • Rep. Clyburn voted against letting faith-based organizations compete for federal housing program grants. (Vote 109, 4/6/00)

    • Opposed a measure that permitted the public display of the Ten Commandments in government buildings.
              Vote 221, 6/17/1999

    • Voted against a Constitutional Amendment to guarantee every citizen's right to pray and express their religious beliefs on public property including schools. (Vote 201, 6/4/98)

    Taxpayer Funded "Art"

    • Rep. Clyburn voted against transferring $15 million from the Smithsonian Institution and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to PILT – payment in lieu of taxes. (Vote 255, 6/16/04)

    • Rep. Clyburn voted against reducing funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) by $60 million and increasing funding for the U.S. Forest Service by $23 million. (Vote 249, 6/16/04) The purpose of the amendment was to add law enforcement personnel on public lands.

    • Voted for an additional $10 million for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and $3.5 million for the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). (Vote 248, 6/16/04)

    • Rep. Clyburn voted against transferring $57 million from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) to firefighting funds under the U.S. Forest Service. (Vote 379, 7/17/03)

    • Voted for an additional $10 million for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and $5 million for the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). (Vote 376, 7/17/03)

    • Rep. Clyburn voted against transferring $50 million from the National Endowment for the Arts to the U.S. Forest Service. (Vote 314, 7/17/02)

    • Rep. Clyburn voted to take $15 million from funding for technology to reduce air pollution and use that money to increase funding for the NEA.
      The $15 million would be cut from the Clean Coal Technology funding program. Of that amount, $10 million would be used to boost NEA spending. (Vote 177, 6/21/01)

    • Rep. Clyburn opposed a measure to reduce NEA funding by a scant $10 million. (Vote 184, 6/21/01)

    • Voted against an amendment to reduce funding for the NEA by $2.1 million to $81.4 million. (Vote 287, 7/14/99)

    • Voted for an amendment to increase the bill's funding by $10 million for both the NEA and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). (Vote 286, 7/14/99)

    • Voted against an amendment to increase funding for National Park Service land acquisition and state assistance by $50 million. The amendment offsets the increase by reducing funding for the NEA. (Vote 330, 7/23/98)

    • Voted against an amendment to terminate the NEA and provide $80 million in block grants to states for arts funding. The amendment would direct 37 percent of the funding to state arts commissions, 60 percent to local school boards to fund school-based art activities, and 3 percent for administrative costs. It also would prohibit the use of funds to support obscene or pornographic art. (Vote 266, 7/11/97)

    • Voted against an amendment to reduce funding for the NEA by $10 million from the $99.5 million in the bill. (Vote 512, 7/17/95)

    Taxpayer Funded "TV"

    • Voted against adding $12 million to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and offsetting this addition from the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). (Vote 378, 10/11/01)

    Our Flag

    The First Amendment was never intended to be a free pass to say or do whatever an individual wants. For instance, libel and slander are not covered under free speech in the First Amendment. The flag is a unique symbol of our nation's freedom for which many brave veterans have given their lives to preserve. Republicans pushed for legislation which would have simply protected our national symbol of freedom from desecration.

    • In a shocking and unprecedented ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit deemed the Pledge of Allegiance as unconstitutional. An amendment was offered and adopted barring the Department of Justice from using funds to enforce this ruling. (Vote 406, 7/22/03) Instead of standing up for our flag, Rep. Clyburn joined more than 100 Democrats in opposing the amendment.

    Miscellaneous Mainstream Items

    • Rep. Clyburn voted against an amendment reaffirming U.S. policy on HIV/AIDS funding. (Vote 340, 7/8/04) The amendment stipulated that no money would go toward programs which do not explicitly oppose sex trafficking and prostitution.

    • Voted for the continued funding of the following National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants: “Mood Arousal and Sexual Risk Taking,” “Study on Sexual Habits of Older Men,” “Study on San Francisco’s Asian Prostitutes/Masseuses,” and “Study on American Indian Transgender Research.” (Vote 352, 7/10/03)

    • Rep. Clyburn voted against a bill requiring credit card companies to block the processing of Internet wagers. (Vote 255, 6/10/03) This legislation provides at least some regulation for the estimated 1,800 Internet gambling sites.

    • Due to the leadership of President Bush, the United States is the world leader in fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa. However, our money should not be going to pay extraordinary salaries at independent organizations. Republicans introduced and adopted an amendment to reduce funding to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS by the amount any staff member makes in excess of Vice President Cheney. Rep. Clyburn thought otherwise and voted against the amendment. (Vote 155, 5/1/03)

    • Children are among the most vulnerable in our society. On March 13, 2002, House Republicans were joined by 162 Democrats in passing the “Repeat Child Sex Offenders” bill. This legislation requires a mandatory life sentence for anyone convicted of committing seven specific sexual offenses against a child on federal property. Surprisingly, Rep. Clyburn joined 33 other Democrats who voted against protecting our children against repeat offenders. (Vote 64, 3/14/02)

    • Rep. Clyburn voted to make it easier to establish "casino-style" gambling on Native American lands.
              Vote 289, 7/14/1999

    • While the Internet has had an overall positive effect on society, it is important that our laws and standards apply there too. Rep. Clyburn disagrees and voted against banning Internet gambling. (Vote 404, 7/17/00)

    • Clyburn voted against overturning the state of Oregon’s assisted-suicide law. (Vote 542, 10/27/99)

    Curtailing the Hollywood Influence

    • Rep. Clyburn actually voted against a simple resolution which condemned the entertainment industry for its use of senseless violence in the general media including movies, television, music, and video games. (Vote 231, 6/17/99)

    • Voted against creating a system to label violent content in entertainment media. The system would be crafted by the industry but would still be subject to the Federal Trade Commission’s approval. The structure would specify a minimum age for buying, listening to, or viewing the product. (Vote 224, 6/17/99)

    • Opposed a bill to prohibit the sale to minors of a broad range of material that contains violent or sexual depictions. This plan would punish offenders with a fine and/or prison sentence. (Vote 213, 6/16/99 )

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